Listaller 0.5.4 released!

And again, a new release of Listaller is out. But this release is special, it is probably the most important Listaller release so far. I’m glad to announce the availability of the first usable release of Listaller. “Usable” in this case means that you can build Listaller packages, without having to worry that their format […]

Wanted: KDE color management KCM

I don’t know how many of you are reading Planet GNOME, but I bet not too many. 😛 That’s why I’d like to draw your attention to this blogpost by Richard Hughes. Color management is present in all modern operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Apple OS-X, as well as GNOME has support for it […]

Listaller Project – An introduction

This article is not directly KDE-related, so you might want to skip it. But if you’re interested in a cool project simplifying the way software is distributed on Linux, read on! 😀 At time, if you develop a new application “Foo”, you as an upstream developer let other experienced people distribute your application in Linux-Distribution […]

Listaller 0.5.1 Sneak Peek

You might have heard it: Listaller 0.5.1 was released some days ago. Listaller 0.5.1 is a complete rewrite in Vala. But the Vala rewrite is not the only thing which makes this release “special”: This is the first Listaller release after 10 months. And this is the first release of the “reoriented” Listaller. During the […]

Security and Software Installations

…or: The need of protecting users from themselves. How do you obtain software for your Linux-Distribution? Right, you fire up the package management tool and install packages provided by your distributor. You can always be sure that these packages work well with your system (at least they should do it :P) and do not contain […]

Listaller: The next steps

You might have heard of the AppStream project already: In short, AppStream is an effort to make software installations on Linux easier, by showing users applications instead of packages, providing a central place for software management etc. And all this is cross-distributional! (Details) – But wait: Wasn’t this the ultimate goal of Listaller? Yes, you’re […]