A GNOME Software Hackfest report

Two weeks ago was the GNOME Software hackfest in London, and I’ve been there! And I just now found the time to blog about it, but better do it late than never 😉 . Arriving in London and finding the Red Hat offices After being stuck in trains for the weekend, but fortunately arriving at […]

AppStream 0.7 specification and library released

Today I am very happy to announce the release of AppStream 0.7, the second-largest release (judging by commit number) after 0.6. AppStream 0.7 brings many new features for the specification, adds lots of good stuff to libappstream, introduces a new libappstream-qt library for Qt developers and, as always, fixes some bugs. Unfortunately we broke the […]

Tanglu 2 (Bartholomea annulata) status update #1

It is time for a new Tanglu update, which has been overdue for a long time now! Many things happened in Tanglu development, so here is just a short overview of what was done in the past months. Infrastructure Debile The whole Tanglu distribution is now built with Debile, replacing Jenkins, which was difficult to […]

Appstream: The next step

With the release of GNOME-Software 3.12, it’s also time for another update about what is going on behind the scenes of Appstream, the project providing all the data needed to make software-centers work. So here is the long overdue update 🙂 If you have attended my FOSDEM talk or seen the slides, you know about […]

AppStream Clarifications

While reading stuff posted by others about AppStream, and because of the discussion happening about AppData on kde-core-devel right now, I feel the need to clarify a few things. Especially because some are implementing AppStream in a way which is not really ideal right now. This is to some extend my fault, because I should […]

Listaller, AppStream & “GNOME-Apps”

I think many of you read the recent announcements and blog posts about “GNOME-Apps”, like this one. Initially I wanted to be at FOSDEM and attend the GNOME hackfest were this was discussed too, but university binds me here so I was unable to come (which is really unfortunate). Some people asked me what the […]

GNOME 3 mit neuem Benachrichtigungssystem

Der GNOME 3- Desktop, die “GNOME-Shell” hat in der Version 2.29 (ein Preview des GNOME-Shell Previews für GNOME 2.30 :-D) ein neues Benachrichtigungssystem bekommen, welches eine Art Mischung aus dem Konzept von KDE und dem von Ubuntu verwendeten NotifyOSD darstellt. Wenn eine Nachricht vor liegt, z:b. das mounten eines USB-Sticks oder ein Teitelwechsel des Mediaplayers, […]

Infoseite zu GNOME 3.0

Auf der eigens eingerichteten Seite “Gnome3 Mythen” versucht das Projekt, diverse Unklarheiten und Falschmeldungen über die kommende Version des GNOME-Desktops zu widerlegen. Außerdem werden grundlegende Fragen wie “Brauche ich eine schnelle 3D-Grafikkarte” oder “Werde ich das GNOME-Panel weiter nutzen können?” beantwortet. Im Moment ist auf der Seite noch nicht allzu viel zu finden, ich halte […]