Wayland really breaks things… Just for now?

This post is in part a response to an aspect of Nate’s post “Does Wayland really break everything?“, but also my reflection on discussing Wayland protocol additions, a unique pleasure that I have been involved with for the past months. Some facts Before I start I want to make a few things clear: The Linux desktop […]

AppStream 1.0 released!

Today, 12 years after the meeting where AppStream was first discussed and 11 years after I released a prototype implementation I am excited to announce AppStream 1.0! 🎉🎉🎊 Check it out on GitHub, or get the release tarball or read the documentation or release notes! 😁 Some nostalgic memories I was not in the original […]

How to indicate device compatibility for your app in MetaInfo data

At the moment I am hard at work putting together the final bits for the AppStream 1.0 release (hopefully to be released this month). The new release comes with many new new features, an improved developer API and removal of most deprecated things (so it carefully breaks compatibility with very old data and the previous […]

A perfect Debian-based distribution?

Disclaimer: This post just sums up a concept for a new distribution which matches certain ideals. It is not the announcement of a new distribution. These are just abstract ideas. (However, if there is high interest in a project like this, it might of course develop into something real…) I have been involved in Debian […]

Listaller Project – To infinity and beyond!

Nearly everyone who’s reading this blog will know about Listaller, a project started by me to make cross-distro 3rd-party software installations possible & secure. This project has been started years ago, and lots of things have changed in the Linux desktop world and down the stack, so I think it is time to look back […]

Ein kurzes Update…

Ziemlich lange war es – zumindest was den deutschsprachigen Teil dieses Blogs angeht – extrem still geworden. Das lag zum größten Teil an meinem Studium, was einen großen Teil meiner Zeit beansprucht, zum anderen aber auch an vielen weiteren Projekten, die ich parallel noch mache oder gemacht habe. Von diesen besonders interessant für die Leser […]

Listaller Project – An introduction

This article is not directly KDE-related, so you might want to skip it. But if you’re interested in a cool project simplifying the way software is distributed on Linux, read on! 😀 At time, if you develop a new application “Foo”, you as an upstream developer let other experienced people distribute your application in Linux-Distribution […]

In eigener Sache: Webhosting-Wechsel…

Nun ist es schließlich doch so weit: In Kürze werde ich mit meinem Blog und allen anderen Webseiten und Diensten zu einem anderen Webhosting-Anbieter wechseln. Die Gründe dafür sind vielfältig: Zum einen hat es mein bisheriger Anbieter vor ein paar Jahren mal geschafft, die komplette Webpräsenz zu löschen – ohne Vorankündigung, ohne dass sie gemerkt […]

DS2011 – Panel on Copyright Assignment

Einige Leute hatten mich gefragt, ob ich nicht etwas zum “Panel on Copyright Assignment” schreiben kann, welches grade vor ein paar Stunden auf dem Desktop Summit in Berlin zuende ging. Das kann ich natürlich machen, hatte ich damals ja auch versprochen 🙂 Da morgen aber das Programm schon extrem früh weiter geht, und daher die […]