Update notifications in Debian Jessie

Piwik told me that people are still sharing my post about the state of GNOME-Software and update notifications in Debian Jessie. So I thought it might be useful to publish a small update on that matter: If you are using GNOME or KDE Plasma with Debian 8 (Jessie), everything is fine – you will receive […]

Listaller: Back to the future!

It is time for another report on Listaller, the cross-distro 3rd-party package installer, which is now in development for – depending how you count – 5-6 years. This will become a longer post, so you might grab some coffee or tea ­čśë The original idea The Listaller project was initially started with the goal to […]

Appstream: The next step

With the release of GNOME-Software 3.12, it’s also time for another update about what is going on behind the scenes of Appstream, the project providing all the data needed to make software-centers work. So here is the long overdue update ­čÖé If you have attended my FOSDEM talk or seen the slides, you know about […]

AppStream Clarifications

While reading stuff posted by others about AppStream, and because of the discussion happening about AppData on kde-core-devel right now, I feel the need to clarify a few things. Especially because some are implementing AppStream in a way which is not really ideal right now. This is to some extend my fault, because I should […]

PackageKit, AppStream and Listaller – A status report

I was asked by some people to write a status report about the whole PK/AS/LI stuff – sorry guys that it took so much time to write it ;-). PackageKit (PackageKit is an abstraction layer for package-management systems, allowing applications to access the package-manager using simple DBus calls) PackageKit is an incredibly successful project. With […]

Paketverwaltungen: Warum ist alles so kompliziert?

(Dieser Artikel ist haupts├Ąchlich, aber nicht ausschlie├člich, eine Antwort auf einen Artikel von [ENC]BladeXP’s Blog) Allgemeines Ich kann leider hier nicht alles ganz detailliert f├╝r Einsteiger erkl├Ąren, da dann dieser Artikel mindestens doppelt so lang werden w├╝rde. Wenn ihr aber Fragen habt, k├Ânnt ihr die gerne in den Kommentaren stellen! Ein kurzer Hinweis am Rande: […]

Nicht ganz so kleines Statusupdate

Nach langer Zeit ohne (deutsche) Blogbeitr├Ąge, hier mal ein kleines Statusupdate ├╝ber die Dinge, die ich momentan so mache oder wichtig finde. Suche nach Daniel Letzten Monat wollte der KDE und Freedesktop-Entwickler Daniel Nicoletti, welcher ein Freund von mir ist mit dem ich sehr lange an PackageKit, Apper und verwandten Dingen arbeite, von Brasilien aus […]


Many awesome new releases have been made this week so far! PackageKit 0.8.4 The new PackageKit features lots of bugfixes and small improvements. It also contains a few new features, like showing PolicyKit dialogs on the command-line, even if no GUI is running. If you want to try the new PackageKit and are a Debian […]

GSoC AppStream Final Report

This year I did a Google Summer of Code Project for OpenSUSE as part of their cross-distribution collaboration track. (Again, many thanks for letting me work on this and for doing a cross-distro track!) So, what did I achieve this summer? (Leaving out all the problems and stuff which didn’t work as I expected :P) […]

PackageKit now parallelized!

With the most recent release of PackageKit, PackageKit 0.8.3 (published last Monday!), all my changes regarding parallelization have been merged into our master branch, which means parallelization features are now available for backends to use! Yay! The best thing about the new parallelization is that it will have an incredibly high impact on PackageKit’s speed: […]