Listaller 0.5.1 Sneak Peek

You might have heard it: Listaller 0.5.1 was released some days ago. Listaller 0.5.1 is a complete rewrite in Vala. But the Vala rewrite is not the only thing which makes this release “special”: This is the first Listaller release after 10 months. And this is the first release of the “reoriented” Listaller. During the […]

Security and Software Installations

…or: The need of protecting users from themselves. How do you obtain software for your Linux-Distribution? Right, you fire up the package management tool and install packages provided by your distributor. You can always be sure that these packages work well with your system (at least they should do it :P) and do not contain […]

Listaller: The next steps

You might have heard of the AppStream project already: In short, AppStream is an effort to make software installations on Linux easier, by showing users applications instead of packages, providing a central place for software management etc. And all this is cross-distributional! (Details) – But wait: Wasn’t this the ultimate goal of Listaller? Yes, you’re […]

Cross-Distro meeting about application-installer

From January 19th-21st the AppInstaller-Meeting will take place in Nürnberg, Germany. The major goal of this meeting is to define how a software-center (also known as stoftware-“store”, I don’t really like that term, as it does not describe the service well) should work, which data can be shared by distributions and if there could be […]

Listaller: PK support reversed

And once again an article about the progress of Listaller. (yay!) Since we merged with Autopackage (to be specific: Autopackage merged into Listaller) we now inherited all of APs powerful tools to create cross-distro apps. The next steps are to make these programs and scripts work with the current Listaller infrastructure. This work will be […]

A big merge: Listaller & Autopackage

The Listaller project was started in 2007/2008 to create a unified software management solution and to provide a generic package format which works on all Linux distributions. The much older Autopackage project also had the same goal to provide a unified cross-distro software installation solution. Over the years a lot of projects tried to become […]

Why Linux (still) sucks…

Bryan Lunduke, (free) software developer, podcaster and writer, recently gave an update of his presentation “Why Linux sucks” at LinuxFest Northwest 2010. The speech “Why Linux (Still) Sucks.  (And What We Can Do To Fix It)” is, like the last one too, very interesting for me, cause it shows the current status of the Linux […]