Why Linux (still) sucks…

Bryan Lunduke, (free) software developer, podcaster and writer, recently gave an update of his presentation “Why Linux sucks” at LinuxFest Northwest 2010. The speech “Why Linux (Still) Sucks.  (And What We Can Do To Fix It)” is, like the last one too, very interesting for me, cause it shows the current status of the Linux desktop in a somehow objective way.

I do not agree with all his points, e.g. he says that users should pay or donate for OSS, to make it better. Of course donation makes the devs happy and can speed up the development a lot, but the success of an OpenSource project depends – in my opinion – never on financial aspects.

In other points, like the cluttered audio library system in Linux, Lunduke has my full agreement. Just watch the video and get an own impression of his points:

Interesting is what he says about installing software on Linux. All stuff which he names in his presentation can be fixed by the Listaller project I develop. I hope Listaller will be successful in creating a basis for software setups on Linux in which distributors, users and developers can agree. To make Linux suck less 😛

I believe, by the current speed of development in OSS projects, the missing parts will be ready in a few years – the most important part is to standardize several important system libraries, to make software easier to maintain and distributions more compatible with each other.

Reference: Lunduke’s Blog

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