Got Lazarus & FPC FFe for Lucid

To compile shared libraries, the new FPC (Free Pascal Compiler) is essential, cause it fixes a lot of bugs in this context (PIC-support etc.) Also, Lazarus 0.9.28-8 and the new FPC 2.4.0 fix a lot of nasty other bugs. They also contain a lot of features Listaller 0.4 uses and easyMp3Gain and WinFF could benefit from.

Unfortunately the required Debian packages entered Debian testing a few days after Debian Import Freeze (few bugs had to be fixed first), so they weren’t synced automatically to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Cause Ubuntu 10.04 will become an LTS-release and I would love to have a good FPC in this release, I wrote an FFe (Feature Freeze Exception) for those two packages, which was granted today. (Check bug #525523)

This means that FPC 2.4.0 will be present in Lucid, as some members of the German Lazarus forum already requested. I will not provide an extra PPA for FPC 2.4.0 anymore (not necessary!), but I will package Lazarus 0.9.29 for Lucid.

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