Listaller Page offline

Hi there!

From Saturday, 23.Jan.2010 to Sunday, 24.Jan.2010 the Listaller website will be offline. We do some changes on the Website design, so it will look a little more professional. Also, the Listaller project will get a new logo.

Of course all this is done as preparation for the 0.4 release which unfortunately will be delayed. It was planned to release 0.4 with the refreshed webpage, but we are not ready yet, cause Listaller 0.4 should be the first release with an nearly stable API and backward-compatible IPK format. Cause we now include a lot more features than planned before (support for IPK-signing, XZ-compression, refreshed GUI interfaces) it may take more than two months to complete all tasks and release a new beta. The old 0.3 Listaller release is not really usable anymore, so I decided to provide snapshots of Listaller 0.4 on our download pages instead.

If the webpage has a new design, we will update the Listaller design itself too. Many thanks to Jason, who did all this great designing work for Listaller!

If you read this on Monday and the Listaller page is still offline: Don’t worry! We will be back soon.

I’m sure everything will work as it was planned and the page will be reactivated on Sunday evening.

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